BLERGH Behold! My Stuff. This is a blurb that will give you an introduction to what this website is all about. I'm just as lost as you are. It's a project in progress... when will it be done? No one will ever know! CUSTOM PRODUCTS Handmade for You I make sure to take in all of your ideas and combine them to create a one-of-a-kind graduation cap that reflects your personality, achievements, and your wallet. RECOMMENDATIONS Audiobooks, Documentaries, & Podcasts I am a voracious consumer of information of all types. Let me share some of it with you. For realz. PROCEED WITH CAUTION Morbid Hoardings My growing collection of all things that might be disturbing, horrid, or macabre.

Slide Redhanded podcast Untangle
true crime cases
that have astounded, disgusted, and horrified.
Slide The Conspirators Explore
unexplained phenomena,
unsolved mysteries,
& bizarre true events
from the past.
Slide This is Actually Happening Listen to
real people share their hilarious, inspiring, and terrifying personal stories.

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