Asbestos is like an evil villain in a horror movie.

It can’t be burned nor can it be destroyed. It can be broken down but as it breaks, it splinters and as it continues to break down it simply breaks into smaller and smaller splinter fibers. When you breathe in these tiny fibers and they find a place in your lungs, your immune system sends some white blood cells to investigate the intruder and throw it out. As the white blood cell attempts to remove the asbestos from your body, it’s like a water balloon trying to throw a needle out and the white blood cell is impaled by the asbestos. Your immune system responds the only way it understands and it continuously sends white blood cells to their fate in an eternal cycle of white blood cell seppuku. I believe the cycle lasts usually 20-30 years before you die from mesothelioma.

When I think of someone dying from asbestos. I think of their body decomposing as the asbestos sits there in their body unchanged. In hundreds, thousands or millions of years when the body that hosted it is long gone, the asbestos will still be there unchanged in its eternal form. I hate asbestos.

Comment from discussion FelixB_OST’s comment from discussion “Philip Noble (left) and Ross Munroe (right) as toddlers playing in an asbestos pit in Wittenoom.”.