How psychiatric patients became victims | DW Documentary

Psychiatric patients in Romania have been the subjects of drug trials for years. The head of one clinic has been charged with performing medical experiments on patients without obtaining their consent. Drug manufacturers and European research organizations, including one institute from Germany, were clients of the Romanian clinic. The head of the clinic is now being tried in a closed hearing. Investigative journalist Arndt Ginzel has been examining documents indicating that some pharmaceutical studies in Romania led to patients developing life-threatening side-effects. According to clinical studies expert, Professor Gerd Antes, controls in place across Europe have failed ‘to a degree that an extreme case like this violates all boundaries.’ The court hearing affects renowned pharmaceuticals manufacturers such as Otsuka, Ferrer, Pierre Fabre and Minerva. None of the companies in question is taking responsibility for the suspected victims of the clinical studies. The court case against the head of the clinic has been going on in camera for over two years. Some of the patients concerned have said that they were not informed of the procedures in the clinic.