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Navigate through the links and resources below to find pdf handouts and websites that address topics like procrastination, reading your textbook, time management, and more!

Dealing with Procrastination PDF Handout Dealing with Procrastination Concordia University 20 Strats for Procrastination PDF Handout 20 STRATEGIES –
Concordia University
7 Day Study Plan PDF Handout The 7 Day Study Plan University of Buffalo Test Anxiety PDF Handout Test Anxiety Math Study Skills Workbook Visual Organizers Website Examples of Visual Organizers Bucks County Community College Assignment Calculator Interactive Website Writing Assignment Calculator Concordia University Reading for History PDF Handout READING TIPS FOR HISTORY STUDENTS Niagra University Text Annotation PDF Handout A Simple Guide for Text Annotation Niagra University Effective Listening Website Effective Listening CSB/SJU Listening in Lectures PDF Handout Listening Skills for Lectures Utah State University 6 Reading Habits PDF Handout 6 Reading Habits to Develop Harvard University
Beating Time Blindness
Beating Time Blindness – PDF Handout
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